Coaching through anxiety and fear.

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This is enough to get people with anxiety to where they want to be. I’ve helped people through this before with these tools – and it has been shown to work wonders. It’ll give you what you need to battle anxiety at your own pace – but you’ll have to take action to get the desired results.

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This package includes twelve weeks of coaching and the material to treat anxiety so that you can start at once – and then get help through it when things get tough.
The material is explained in the DIY product like this:
As I’ve written elsewhere [for example in this blog post about CBT for anxiety and this one about exposure], exposure is the key to less anxiety – and it’s definitely possible to run straight into it and use nothing but exposure, but I prefer to do things a bit more complicated. That’s to get better results, keep you on track, hopefully motivate you, and ease the suffering. The other parts are sometimes essential to get people doing it at all.
If you fear needles, you won’t start by getting stabbed.
If you never leave your house because of your agoraphobia, you won’t simply listen when someone tells you to do so “to get rid of the fear”.
If you’re anxious about social things, you don’t just get out there and become a lovely extrovert who mingles with everyone.
A lot of people with anxiety benefit from some information about anxiety. Just that part often makes it less… bad. Alongside that, you could benefit from some thoughts about how to get the exposure right – and perhaps some tools to make it less horrific. This is why I’ve bunched all of this together. Because I think this is enough to get people to where they want to be. I’ve helped people through this before with these tools – and it has been shown to work wonders.
When you get this package, you’ll get the same information I use with clients. You’re getting access to the notes I use myself rather than a static document like a book, so it might very well evolve over time to get even better. In this, my ambition is to give you enough insight into how we treat anxiety to teach you to treat it all yourself. That means you’ll be able to progress as fast or as slowly as you prefer – and you’ll be able to treat several things. You’re not stuck with the solution to one single trouble.
If you go through all of it and follow the steps to put down the work, you’ll be occupied for a bunch of hours – and I’m pretty sure you’ll become a better person afterward. Going through this with someone would take a therapist a lot of time, which makes this option very cost-effective if you compare it to paying for 1-on-1 time with a psychologist, where prices range from $65 per hour and up to $250 or more, where somewhere around $100-150 could be the most common prices in both the U.S and Europe.
That is a big part of why I’ve created this step-by-step solution where you can go through it and learn enough to help yourself. Getting help directly takes people’s time, and that could become expensive. Now, you don’t have to do it that way.
This is a great way to take responsibility to make a difference.
This is a way to act and get forward if you want to handle your anxiety and become a better and more courageous person.