Are you exhausted?
Bothered by
“Occupational burnout”?
“Exhaustion disorder”?
“Exhaustion syndrome”?

Doesn’t really seem to matter what you call it as long as it’s the same thing. Did the stress get you? Are you broken down into something unrecognizable? Ruined and without any energy whatsoever?

Do you feel depressed?
Does it feel hopeless?
Are you no longer interested, but rather just overwhelmed with negativity?

Negative emotions. Insomnia and anxiety. Tired, cognitive issues and most things seem dark and harsh. Nothing really brings the joy as it used to.

Do you suffer from long term pain?
Perhaps it started out as something that should heal and you had hope – or you’ve got a life long diagnosis or injury?

Regardless, it’s possible to treat with MORE than just medication. Is it starting to take its toll? Has it done so for quite some time? Is it digging into every aspect of life and ruining everything you once held dear?

I help those who are exhausted from long term stress, suffer from depression or long term pain to once again take control of their life and be their best self. That’s done through a wide approach that looks to all aspects of life – changing behaviors, physical exercise, diet, tending to social aspects and finding solutions to sleep issues. Pacing, CBT and ACT to reflect on what’s important to be able to focus more on what truly matters.

Either through personal meetings where we physically meet up for coaching to get help with behavioral changes, rehab training in the personal gym alongside manual therapy to relieve pain or by doing it digitally. The goal of the digital version is to reach more people than I can do in person with the obvious geographic limitations of a physical meeting and thereby be able to teach you to treat and take care of yourself like I do with my patients I meet in my practice. Pandemic-safe and without travel time.

Coaching seems to work just fine even without physical meetings, as more and more people have noticed during the pandemic. Discussing and learning about how to take care of oneself, life and all its aspects doesn’t differ from other meetings digitally. The hard part is manual therapies – but it’s ideal for you to learn to take care of yourself regardless of if you’re close by of further off, so we’d tend to the same things.

Less travel time, less dependent on others and it still works wonders.

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Fortune won’t find itself…

Actual luck might be quite a small part of it and the “finding” which requires active searching is more the point. Nothing ever really fixes itself. Doing what you’ve done this far has taken you where you are today. If you want something else, you’ll have to do something else – and change is hard. It requires active effort and struggle.

Except changes in lifestyle to do something about the situation at hand the complicated cases usually need more than one treatment method, an eclectic and broader perspective going at it in a bunch of ways to get the ideal results. That’ll usually include physical exercise and once in a while manual therapy. It’ll always include teachings about how to tend to life, surroundings, mind and body. The end goal is to get you pain free and independent – you shouldn’t have to use others to manage.

Just described you to my mum as PRICELESS.
You ARE priceless. For real.


You’ve done more for me today than my psychologist have done in a year!


Do you know what I love about you? That you get SO happy for my progress you SHINE. It gives me such a boost and such energy to go forward when I see that someone can be so happy for my progress.


Patric, thank you very much for not only helping me get out of a depression, and getting rid of pain, with your coaching, “needling” and your positive attitude, but also that you got me to start exercising (and to think it’s fun! ), and have energy over! As we said when we last met, we did this together!



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