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About us

Why choose Dolor? What’s it about?

Dolor is both a digital and local company located in Uppsala. The focus at Dolor is on stress-related – often, but not exclusively mental – illness; treating stress, depression and pain. Many people are bothered by long-term pain. Exhaustion syndrome, anxiety, pain and fatigue are almost standard. Depressive traits are common, and many people feel that they can’t cope or keep up. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that far gone – or it may have gone far too long, but there’s been no diagnosis or help from health professionals.

The goal is to reduce the limitations so that you can return to the life you want.

From the beginning, the focus was on pain and rehabilitation, with a focus on the physical, where more and more people turned to me who needed help with more than just that. Nowadays, help is offered with both the big picture, which is required for the three major problems, or just manual therapy and training if that’s what you need.

Are you exhausted?

Bothered by”Burnout”? “Occupational burnout”? “Exhaustion disorder”? “Exhaustion syndrome“?

It doesn’t matter what you call it as long as it’s the same thing. Did the stress get you? Are you broken down into something unrecognizable? Ruined and without any energy whatsoever?

To get better from this, you’ll have to treat it appropriately. You could just rest passively and hope for the best, but that’s not much of a strategy. It should be treated in a through-through way, and you need to get a grip on your situation. Why did you end up here, and how could it be avoided in the future?

Do you feel depressed?

Does it feel hopeless? Are you no longer interested, but rather just overwhelmed with negativity? Depression comes in various forms.

Negative emotions. Insomnia and anxiety. Tired, cognitive issues and most things seem dark and harsh. Nothing really brings the joy as it used to.

It’s common to see no improvement whatsoever without proper treatment. It could go on year after year. I tend to see the more long-term versions, like dysthymia or treatment-resistant depression, since people begin treatment the more “standard way” – through anti-depressants. When that doesn’t work, they’ll continue their search for solutions… If there’s any will left to fight afterward.

Do you suffer from long-term pain?

Perhaps it started as something that should heal, and you had hope – or you’ve got a life-long diagnosis or injury? Pain and long-term pain are different things.I might be able to help if you suffer from just physical pain as well. Regardless, it’s possible to treat with MORE than just medication. Is it starting to take its toll? Has it done so for quite some time? Is it digging into every aspect of life and ruining everything you once held dear?

Want to get to know me to see if I can help?

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Through an eclectic mess.

A Bio-Psycho-Social perspective

Seems to make a big difference, because these problems often require a broader view than just using one tool or looking at one aspect of life.Life is about a lot of things, and they could all be relevant.


Enough analysis and thought.

Analyzing and reflecting on the situation is essential to solve the problem. Diaries, questionnaires and discussions are generally crucial to progress.The Dolor Detection Diary is one of them.

Dolor Detection Diary→

Calming down and talk therapy

Stress is often one of the primary problems, so it is often necessary to start the process by simply calming down. In some way. Any way possible. Talk therapy is generally used throughout the projects to aid that and vent things.

Patric’s Purpose

Problem solving, CBT and ACT

Problem solving is often a necessity to overcome ongoing problems. You continue to be stressed and feel bad about the situation you are in – or you have learned to be in a way that makes you feel bad. Then CBT and ACT become tools to solve internal problems.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Life coaching, goal-setting, dreams and ambitions

Many people feel bad because they do not have what they want. Nor do they try to strive for what they want. They are just stuck in misery and limbo where they feel bad and the days go by. It’s often part of the whole thing to put your finger on where you want to be and how it should be. You don’t feel better from nothing. You create that better feeling. Where do you want to go?

Mapping out life

Personal training and manual therapy

These are used to influence the body so that it functions properly, stays pain-free and is strong enough to cope with everything it needs to do. But it also affects the brain to a very large extent. Being in pain is hugely stressful. So is being inactive, stiff and uncomfortable in your own body.

Manual Therapy and Personal Training

Just described you to my mum as PRICELESS.
You ARE priceless. For real.


You’ve done more for me today than my psychologist have done in a year!


Do you know what I love about you? That you get SO happy for my progress you SHINE. It gives me such a boost and such energy to go forward when I see that someone can be so happy for my progress.


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