Previously burned out clients

If not for you – I’d be dead.

Previous client

Previous end results have of course varied depending on what they suffered from the most. “Learning enough of what they needed to know to get their life back from pain or stress” is powerful, and more or less a summary – but indeed vague. So I’ll recite some of the results I most often hear about.

-Will to live
– Understanding of their needs and what they truly valued (to be able to act THERE instead of in the wrong directions).
– Awareness of their surroundings from mindfulness
– Energy
– Acceptance
– Mental capacity
– Sleep quality
– Self confidence
– Physical strength and capacity

– Sick leave
– Panic attacks, lying on the floor crying
– Headaches and migraines (From 28/30 days to practically zero makes a difference)
– Depressive symptoms such as suicidal thoughts
– Medications; anti-depressants, opioids, muscle relaxants, benzodiazepines, blood pressure
– Involuntary stay-at-home weekends in a complete wreck, crying, rather than doing what they love.
– Stress
– Sleepless nights
– Dizziness
– Tinnitus
– Neurological pain
– Unexplainable lower back- or neck pain
– Nerve pain in the legs or arms

So they can get back to
– Work
– Hobbies and sports
– Being a friend and/or a partner
– Taking care of themselves, their home and THEIR KIDS (being a mum and going from not being able to carry small children to being able to makes a difference).
– Actually having a sex life again, once again feel some lust and have the capacity to act on it.

With the last past resulting in once again giving the individual a social life, a place to be and a a feeling of belonging. One could of course rant about social cohesion, but a place to belong is good enough for now.

Regardless of if stress, pain or a combination of the two is the main problem (for a brain they are not totally different), reach out and let’s talk. I might not be the right instance for you, but perhaps I can give you some word of advice or send you on the right path. I don’t try to help those I don’t feel like I can help, so asking me will be entirely harmless. Use the button below and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

Christoffer gets the word…

I started going to Patric at Dolor for massage once a month for about three years ago. In addition to helping me get rid of stiffness in my shoulders and neck, Patric came up with tips and tricks on how I could get rid of headaches, pain in my jaw, etc. My monthly visits worked well and I felt more relaxed in my body. This until March 2020. My stiffness had now instead become pain in my shoulders and neck. Patric asked, as he usually does, what could be the reason. I said that there´s a lot at work, which makes me tense. In fact, the pain was due to death within the family, working from home, and the whole corona situation (worry, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, etc.). Overall, in June 2020, I got burnout with depression, sleep problems and extreme pain in my body as a result. After three months full-time sick leave, I contacted Patric to book a massage as usual, but he asked if it was really a massage I needed. He said that he had started working more and more with “projects” and in September we started a “ten-week program”. The goal of the program was that I would sleep better, get rid of pain in shoulders and neck, train shoulders and back in order to prevent pain, run at least twice a week and last but not least, be able to work full time again (I worked half time a that moment). We met twice a week at first. We trained strength, and Patric dry-needled where it hurt, and foremost, we talked about how my situation could be improved. Between our meetings, I got tools for “help to self-help” and homework to complete. In November I started to work 75%. I now sleep well, train strength and run continuously, my anxiety and worry are gone, and foremost, I have regained my energy and can do more than to just work! I’m not back on full time at the time of writing, but the plan is to go up in January. Patric, thank you very much for not only helping me get out of a depression and getting rid of pain with your coaching, dry-needling and your positive attitude, but also that you got me to start exercising (and to think it’s fun!) and have energy over! As we said when we last met, we did this together!