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Offer to treat burnout
Offer to treat burnout

I’m offering to give you the tools you need, to coach you – and to help you get forward in an obvious time of crisis.

Hippocrates is said to have said in the past:

“Before you heal someone, ask him if he’s willing to give up the things that make him sick.”

Which is completely necessary to ask here. We will do this in a pragmatic, hands-on and action based way combined with lifestyle changes. But here is the hard part: I cannot take care of you. So you must let me teach you to take care of yourself and give you the tools and the knowledge for you to just be fine without me. Which is what you want anyway, isn’t it? You shouldn’t want to be dependent on any sort of therapy over years unless it’s absolutely necessary.

My general rule of thumb is that nothing ever really fixes itself. We will pinpoint and we will change.

Change takes time, effort and plenty of the energy you’ve got – but it’s necessary, and it generally does turn out just great. You have to want this to do it. This will take time, but it is time for a change. You will spend time in new ways – but if you are a match, that’s worth all the work and hassle. Always.

We will pragmatically break down why this happened to you, how you got here and how to heal to lessen the chances of it ever happening again. Map it out and really take aim towards where you want to go, rather than helplessly flailing and being stuck in a rut where you are.

You can’t stay here. It’s wasting your life, and in some cases even risking it entirely.

Let me guide you and help you change in an effort to teach you how to rest, how to be right here right now, regain your energy and in the end regain your life.

We will for instance look at
– What to do with your actual physical pain to relieve it
– Tools to ease the ever present stress response
– How to increase your energy-level
– How to improve sleep
– How to change behavior to crush depressive symptoms and anxiety.
– Implement physical activities. You need it.

But I can only show you the way, try to teach you, hold your hand or point you in the right direction. I might have to be grim, bold and blunt at times to make it more of a nudge or in some cases a shove with words (if that’s even possible?) – we MUST get YOU there. Not me. Let’s get you the power to take control of your own life, get past this obstacle and get even better afterwards.

Does that sound like a good idea? To actually make a plan and try to get somewhere? Press the button below and fill out your details and a description of your situation and I’ll get back to you.