Do you have depressive symptoms?

That question could either be a yes or no-question or it could be broken down into several, like this:

Do you feel…
… unreasonably bad disproportionately often? That’ll include sadness, emptiness, hopelessness, anger, irritability and frustration, worthlessness and guilt.
… loss of interest in most of what used to amuse you such as sex, hobbies, work?
… as if past mistakes bother you more now than they have done earlier?
… (more) anxious (than usual)?
… unmotivated and having a hard time to take initiative?
… tired and as if you lack energy so even small things get troublesome?
… as if you’re having trouble sleeping?
… more or less interested in food so your weight have changed?
… generally slower in thought and perhaps even physically?
… as if your brain won’t really cooperate and thinking, memorizing and concentrating is harder?
… more morbid than before, drawn to death and thoughts about it? Perhaps even suicide?
… as if you’re more sensitive to pain and/or painful things have suddenly appeared?

Asking for how things really are isn’t a bad idea to get to know someone. Another way of doing it could be to standardize the questions and grade them to see how things seem to be in an as objective matter as possible.

To scan for and “quantify” depression like that I use MADRS, which stands for “Montgomery and Åsberg Depression Rating Scale”. Download it below along with some information about the test itself. I haven’t created it, nor do I take any credits of any kind. I just want you to have decent enough tools to get forward. Getting forward requires the right diagnostic tools so you can start doing something about it, tools to actually do something as well as ways to quantify where and how you are to get an idea about how things progress. This is a good start and a way to quantify once in a while to see if you’re making progress or if you ought to change things up to get in the right direction.

The interpretation of the test and how to look at the points you get isn’t harder to find than googling and going for the first hit – Wikipedia. You’ll find it here: