I’m not cheap.

I’m pragmatic and personal. When I take on cases head on it’s a chunk of an investment and it’s a quite intimate coaching-service. We’ll take the time we need to dig around in private matters. It’ll take time and it’ll be a hassle – but it’s for a really good cause. These are complex matters and it’s necessary to be able to discuss what matters as well as trusting the process and having a good enough relationship to get things done together. I’m doing this because I care about you and your results – and this has been shown to give amazing results to people before.

People really don’t seem to be made for today and despite that it’s obviously their fate. We can’t really change the whole world. But we can change us. The world we live in can be accepted or one could, of course, just move into the jungle. Handling the modern way of life seems to require that some people learn a few things about what to focus on, and how to react to it.

Plenty of people obviously think they’re made to live in the modern world, since it’s the only thing they know. Kind of like fish in the ocean taking water for granted. If that fish happens to get into the wrong kind of water, deep sea into shallow or fresh into salt, that would be comparable to people today. It’s not instant but it’s bad. We’re not really made for the environment – and there’s not really much help to get when shit happens because of it.

Healthcare doesn’t seem to do the trick since people are complex and so is stress and these questions often get quite abstract. In all too many cases they are practically invisible, come gradually and then make you completely broken. It seems to requires a holistic approach, which seems to be hard to find. Some tend to brains, some to pills, some to the physical aspects and some to… It quickly sums up to plenty of people and a lot of appointments if there’s a lot of symptoms, which is really common.

When healthcare doesn’t have the time, energy or resources to take care of, get to know and manage the entire individual but just the “diagnosis”, you might need something else. I want to help people who suffer and are helpless since healthcare really doesn’t do the trick, have the resources or the interest. The eclectic approach that tend to all aspects like this, seems to do the trick quite well.

Some question if the industry should be defined as healthcare, wellness, life-coaching with focus on escaping misery or something entirely different?

I’ll be the life- and health coach, therapist, support, leader and friend you’ll need. I want to do what’s necessary for you to succeed to achieve the goals we’ve set.

As long as we find something that makes you progress, that ought to be what matters and you’ve got my full support.

If you suppress anxiety, relax muscles and get pain relief with THC – I’m glad you’ve found a tool that works!
If you actually manage to break through the darkness in their depression by using psilocybin – awesome! We don’t use it within healthcare yet, but if that’s what is working for you, I’m nothing but pleased.
Found pleasure and stress relief for the first time when trying out quite hardcore BDSM? Well… Creative idea! Well done.

I try to ask about…
I try to reason about…
… and I try to discuss
EVERYTHING that might be relevant
to those I tend to.
Nothing’s holy.

This is not just talk therapy.

We will not settle with just talking. There are plenty of people who’ve been helped by talk therapy alone in different issues, I’m sure, but in the case with exhaustion, I’m quite certain that we need change. If change is NOT what you’re searching for, but you rather want more of a speak-your-mind- and ease-your-heart-approach, I’m not your choice.

I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on the internet. I can not and will not prescribe any medications. We will, in our relationship, settle with what’s available without them. Although, I do not mind medications prescribed by others as long as they are useful or necessary. In your relationship with me we will have a wider perspective and change things you can control yourself.

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