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Are you prone to “Doing It Yourself” always?
No matter how stressed you are?
Don’t you see the stress levels?

Do you lack energy?
Does everything look dark, gloomy and dull?
Is the pain way too annoying?
Does anxiety bother you?
Would you prefer to nap daily – as an ADULT? But you don’t have the time and you barely can sleep anyway?
… And you’d prefer doing as always – fix the issue yourself?

I’m skeptical and slightly worried that it’s necessary. I guess you got here by doing… just that. You did things yourself.
But that’s okay – making a difference all by yourself is definitely possible. If you take it seriously. Find what’s at fault and FIX IT! If someone loves responsibility and independence it’s me, so please, ease my worry and prove me wrong!

Tending to something when the issue is too abstract, however – like emotions definitely can be, is… well, quite a task. So to make it less abstract, I use the Dolor Detection Diary with by clients. Dolor is a broad term in latin which seems to cover most of what we DON’T want – pain, ache, hurt, grief, sorrow, misery, anguish.

To make it less abstract we’ll track a few things that lead to the earlier mentioned Dolor. It’s one of the earlier tools most of my clients use to make it as clear as possible what tasks bother them and drain energy – and the opposite.

Ideally, print it, keep it close and add to it more or less every hour for a week.
That’s seven pages for quite some perspective. Then – analyze what’s at fault and fix it! Act to really change the situation.

In addition to that you could keep looking around to see if you find anything else that might be helpful. Here’s a couple of blogposts that might shove you in the right direction as well:

Good luck! Just the DDD ought to be able to give quite some insight. Give it a shot and really do it. If you do try it out – feel free to tell me your results. =)

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