The cellar

The cellar
The cellar

The physical location in Uppsala if you prefer to meet here.

A clinic with its primary focus on treating

– Burnout, the effects of long term stress
– The consequences of long term pain
– Depression without using medication

… But there’s competence to tend to smaller, purely physical, projects as well.

It doesn’t look like much, but it sure seems to work!

Physical activity and manual therapy can
solve plenty of problems.

But if LIFE is a problem we’ll have to tend to that as well.

If so, we’ll use a wider approach than just tending to the physical parts.

Plenty of curiosity and questions alongside ordinary diagnostics initially pokes around the case enough to get a decent picture of how you’re doing and why.

Then it’s just the solution…

What we do about it depends on how you’re doing and why. An eclectic approach and a bio-psycho-social perspective is implemented to be able to give an effective treatment with wide ranging troubles.

People are all too complex for just one tool to be able to give the best result.

Change is hard, takes plenty of time and energy. If you’re willing to act, take responsibility for a decent change and give yourself the time and priority and you’re worth – and for real strive towards improvement since you’re tired of where you are we might match perfectly.

Contact me and let’s see if I can help.