Once in a while… they’re just there.
The things you need – when you need them.
Tiny tools, tips, tricks, gadgets or tiny lucky charms.
The Dolor Detection Diary or “DDD” might be one of those things!

Here’s hopefully one of those.

Tending to something when the issue is too abstract, like emotions can be, is… well, quite an issue. So to make it less abstract, I use the Dolor Detection Diary. Dolor is a broad term in Latin which seems to cover most of what we DON’T want – pain, ache, hurt, grief, sorrow, misery, anguish.

To make it less abstract, we’ll track a few things that lead to the earlier mentioned Dolor. It’s one of the earlier tools most of my clients use to clarify what tasks bother them and drain energy – and the opposite.

Ideally, print it, keep it close and add to it more or less every hour for a week.
That’s seven pages for quite some perspective. Then – analyze and fix it!

Good luck! Just this one ought to be able to give quite some insight.
Try it – and feel free to tell me your results!

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