Christmas Memories

What do I want for Christmas?

Lovely people, most of all, since those are such a big part of life.

That goes for family and friends… but also people you work with. Employers, employees, perhaps some kind of boss, colleagues, clients, or whatever you can think of. They’re undoubtedly a decent chunk of the people we have to endure in a day since most of us spend a substantial part of our lives at some kind of work.

So here’s today’s lesson: try doing things where you love both the process and the end goal – with people you like.

I got a reminder from Christmas a couple of years ago, when I got some flowers and a note saying “One single word. Thanks”. from someone who taught me the importance of just that.

Christmas memories
“One single word. Thanks”
Merry Christmas!

That was a client who started with

MADRS-S of 25+

Crying here and there, seemingly for nothing. Often.

Breathing like a small, stressed-out bird.

A long list of things that hurt, covering the area between the top of the head, as in tension headache, and the soles of the feet.

Can’t sleep.



Don’t have the energy to stay awake an entire day.

…. for starters.

But WANTS a change. She listens, tries, fails, tries again, and keeps going anyway.

Goes through the project wholeheartedly.

And then, when looking at the goals we set at the beginning of the project, she says:

“Hm? You can take that with whomever that document is about.”

The document included the starting point, symptoms, troubles, and whatever else we started with. A journey from more or less complete misery to joy.

“…/I/ LOVE LIFE.” was the words coming out.

So… She kind of smashed the goals… and left some flowers behind. ^^

The lesson, once more, is to hang around people you like. That is up to you. You get to pick who’s in your life and what you tolerate. Hang around people you can make into better human beings and where you can become better yourself. Hang around those and do things you like the process and the end goal of, like in this example. Doing this work and guiding – and sometimes shoving – this client around was a lot of fun. The end goal was even better.

If I can get a box of lovely people to do gratifying things with as a Christmas present, I’m all set. I hope you get one of those. If you don’t, get that for yourself instead.

Merry Christmas!

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