Help yourself when you’re stressed.

If you’re stressed out of your mind, then what?

If the consequences of stress destroyed you, I doubt you’ve gone in your valued direction – but it’s possible to help yourself if you don’t want help.

No one wants to have panic attacks and trouble sleeping. Perhaps you thought you did the right thing? If so, now it’s time to rethink.

My ambition is to teach people to take care of themselves. If you want to get better, it’ll require change. If you wish to take care of yourself without me, why don’t you just reflect for a minute? How would you help a friend in your shoes? What advice would they get? What would you have them do if you wanted the friend to learn to preserve energy and recharge even more? How would you like the friend to change their life to make progress?

Look wide at every aspect of what bothers you. Look at physical parts that include actual pathology, anatomy and physiology, neurology, food, exercise, and movement.

Look at psychology; it covers behaviors, values, goals, and bothersome symptoms such as fatigue and how to handle it, thoughts and emotions that bother, trouble sleeping, anxiety, and depression. This part usually includes learning to focus on what’s truly desired and needed.

Environmental factors cover important social aspects, work-related things, and everything under the socioeconomic umbrella. Perhaps things need to change for you to get a decent enough and restful place. Do you like your job and your relationships? Is it possible to change – or change perspective to get rid of the problem?

Nothing ever really fixes itself. You’ll have to fix it yourself.

Change takes time, effort, and plenty of the energy you’ve got. Where should you focus? What’s the biggest problem?

Look at everything life consists of to deduce the most bothersome stressors. Get rid of enough of them; you don’t have to get rid of ALL of them. Solve the puzzles to get a decent balance and stress level that a human actually can manage.

Human lives are complex, so how and what to do or what treatment methods one should implement must be individualized, depending on the situation. You have to solve problems by tending to that specific problem and not a general one. We can’t simply “fix stress”.

Pretend you’re the one who’ll show the way, and you’d get a view of how my shoes feel. I try to teach, hold hands, or point in the right direction. At times, I might have to be grim, bold, and blunt to make it more of a nudge or, in some cases, a shove with words… if that’s even possible.

My ambition and goal are to get you out of here. You MUST get OUT. Wherever that is, it’s not the same place as you started in when you got bothered, that’s for sure. I always strive to get people the power to take control of their own lives, get past this temporary obstacle and get even better afterward.

This is a bump in the road. There are tools to take care of the stress, but plenty of it is about LIFE. If you handle life, you’ll be fine.

Where would you like to start?

What do you have to invest in yourself?

How many resources of whatever kind can you spend on getting forward, rather than just staying where you are… in a place you don’t like anyway?

What if you implement more short-term strategies to get more energy or spend less? Could that help you get where you want to be? What if you take a look at https://mbdolor.com/2022/03/03/diy-solution-for-burnout/? Could you find something that’ll help you in the short term, so you find the energy to improve long term?

The first solution to stress is often the perspective.
Find out what’s going on and then go for problem-solving.
Simple, not easy, but it generally works.

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